A new home for the Intrepid Group’s global headquarters designed with the vision of having a purpose beyond profit. The Intrepid vision is to “change to way people see the world”, the design objective was to change the way Intrepid think about and use their workplace.

Along with Innovation, Growth, Passion and Fun, it is the Intrepid values of Responsibility and Integrity that anchor the design approach, and these manifest beyond recycled material selection and staff wellbeing initiatives. Most creatively, artwork selection serves as more than just decoration in the elephantine sculptures that roam the office floor by Artists Tom Rippon.  These creatures are a celebration as well as reminders of Intrepid’s values and achievements. By ceasing to offer elephant rides, the Intrepid Group were able to influence the tourism industry and make an important impact on conservation. The built environment of a corporate office can indeed hold a mirror to what it means to be an ethical organisation.